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Protein Diet For Weight Loss

If you want to maintain muscle while losing fat, a protein diet is your ticket to success. A protein diet embraces eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates to promote weight loss, improve energy and augment exercise performance.  Quality protein like fish, chicken or poultry, salmon and tuna, beans, asparagus and spinach are important on this diet, while highly processed foods, white bread, pasta and other baked goods are reduced.  Why does it work? When you’re trying to lose weight, hunger can be tricky. However, a diet which consists of lots of protein means you don’t need to worry about an empty stomach because it fills you up on fewer calories. The result? Successful weight loss and no hunger. Best diets to build muscle A muscle building diet, when properly optimized enables you to progress that much faster in your quest for muscle growth. When you lift heavy weights and complete more reps, you send a signal to your body to get stronger and build muscle during recovery. That mea
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The Paleo Diet

The paleo or ‘caveman diet’ as it has also become known as, is a diet focused on pure, wholesome and unprocessed foods.  Paleo is all about going back to basics and consuming foods that our hunter gatherer ancestors would have eaten thousands of years ago. Colourful vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, fruits and healthy fats all take centre stage on this diet- bursting with rich nutrition, but also delicious! Why does it work? By excluding all processed foods as part of the Paleo diet, you will only eat nutrition-dense foods.  The diet combines decreased carbs and sugar, more so than in other diets and this helps regulate metabolism and blood sugars.  By eliminating processed foods you will also benefit from better digestion and reduce bloating.  All of these changes in your diet will help burn stored body fat in a natural and sustainable way.

Sugar Detox

Going through a sugar detox has endless health benefits.   This type of diet eliminates added sugars and focuses on reducing cravings. By excluding all added sugars as part of the detox you only eat nutrition-rich foods which are immediately beneficial for your health and well-being.  An increase in protein, healthy fats, complex carbs and veggies is key to going sugar free. Why does it work? Did you know that sugar is an addictive substance?  In fact,  about 10%  of the US population are true sugar addicts, according to experts.  By reducing sugar, a carbohydrate, you reduce the amount of carbs turning into fat in the body. You also see more stable blood sugar levels, which decreases hunger and cravings for more sugary foods and stops you gaining weight. While it might be difficult to sustain a sugar-free diet, it’s a great way to cleanse the body and pave the way for a more long-term diet like clean eating.

Plant-based nutrition for endurance training

Eating more plant-based foods may not only be beneficial for the environment, but also for your overall health.W e’ll make sure you receive all the information needed below to give the plant-based lifestyle a try! Advantages and disadvantages of a plant-based diet for endurance athletes Eating a plant-based diet with plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruit is beneficial for overall health. It has been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood sugar and other health problems. However, people with a high energy expenditure can find it difficult to take in enough energy on a plant-based diet. Vegetables and fruit have a low energy density and are often high in water and dietary fiber. As a result, you need to eat larger volumes or understand how to best combine these foods to get enough energy. Some might find it difficult eating these larger amounts, since a diet rich in dietary fiber will also make you feel full for longer than a low-fiber diet. A plant-based die


Ease into a low-carb lifestyle and stay healthy and alert all day long. Cut your carb-intake in half, and up the quality on the carbs you do eat. Sounds good? It is.      Chicken Taco Bowl Omelette pancake with smoked salmon and cream cheese Entrecote with asparagus salad A ketogenic diet may provide many health benefits, especially with metabolic, neurological or insulin-related diseases.


Two days of fasting every week doesn't sound too hard right? The rest of the week you eat pretty much whatever you want. In moderate portions, of course. You can do it!                                                                                                                    Turkey Breadsticks With Quark                                                               Apple Muesli                                                   Green Salad With Yogurt Dressing Taking short breaks from food can help your body heal itself .


There was more to the Vikings than their passion for sailing, pillaging, and funky headwear. They also ate well, apparently. Here's to staying in shape like they did in the good old days. DOS: Get into Nordic food. Fish, berries, oats, root vegetables, fruit. Stock up with fermented foods such as live yogurt, kefir or filmjolk for natural microbes. Drink a lot of water. Get rid of processed foods. DON'TS: Don't eat below your calorie goal. Don't forget to track calories from drinks.                                                Cold Smoked Salmon Salad                                             Beetroot Carpaccio                                                     Banana And Chia Pancakes Summer is fast approaching, and the Nordic Diet seems to be this year’s favourite for shedding those extra pounds. It uses Rapeseed Oil instead of more calorific oils; so this year you can have your dream body!